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The WWW is full of information about UNIXes and Linux. We have added some here that we feel may be useful, interesting or, perhaps, amusing. It is certainly not exhaustive.

Please be aware that we are not responsible nor do we necessarily endorse the contents or opinions of any external sites.

UNIX related

Dennis Ritchie's home page
One of the original major architects of the UNIX universe.
Sadly, Dennis died in October 2011. RIP. Thankfully his contributions live on, including his home page.
Usenet groups and archives
Contains many if not all current Usenet newsgroups but note that the UNIX one (comp.os.unix) is no longer archived.
Usenet FAQ archive
A FAQ archive from Usenet groups. Not sure how up to date it's kept.
the original Usenet groups and archives containing comp.os.unix for example
UNIX Heritage place
The place to visit for UNIX related historical information (or at least a start)
AIX documentation
Hopefully obvious -- man pages and other documentation for IBM's AIX. This is the V5.3 site but others are available.
UNIX Guru site
An interesting place where the tutorials and exams may be useful!
UNIX Security
Enough said?
UNIX historical timeline
An interesting diagram (but you need to expand the picture!) of UNIX history.

Linux related
A major linux resource -- lots of information, articles, news etc.
LWN (formerly Linux Weekly News)
A source for news, events coverage etc. for Linux. Best use requires a subscription but there is free (as in non-subscription) information available.
The major source of Linux kernel information including builds etc.
The Linux documentation project homepage, a source for all Linux related documentation (man pages, HOWTOs, etc.)

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