About us

PeeJayEff Services was formed in 2001 and trades as a Limited company (see below). We have over 30 years experience in the Information Technology industry.

We provide services and training for many aspects and flavours of UNIX and Linux. PeeJayEff Services only undertake work where we have specific knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm. Services available include course development and delivery, systems development and support, contract systems administration and implementation services. We also provide consultancy services if required.

PeeJayEff services specialise in the UNIX and Linux arena; particularly in recent times AIX (V4.3 to 5.3 and some 6.1), RedHat Linux (release 6 to 9, Fedora Core 4 & 8, RHEL3,4,5&6) and SuSE (V7 and 8, SLES11).

 With effect from end July 2013.

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